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Today, many people wish to express their opinion at anytime and
from anywhere. Technology allows us to convene, engage, mobilize
for a cause ...

But many times it’s necessary to get together to make other people
notice us.

humantide, Passion to Change the World

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Call users to express their opinion on any matter and to participate in your events and / or support your causes.


Give your opinion, show your support, join the various initiatives, events and causes.


Invite people in your social network to say what they think and to participate in any event and / or support any cause.


Anywhere, geolocating your position, your events and causes, and your friends.


Anytime, using your smartphone or your personal computer connected to the Internet.

How many?

All The people participating. The platform provides Statistics on events and causes participation and support.




To be and to participate

Call, Participate, Mobilize..!

humantide is an online platform that shows society options connected,
integrating with more widely social network services and uniting people
for a common cause.

In real time, at any place, at any time.

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